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About F1 Eyewear: 

For decades, Formula 1 has been associated with daring men and exciting women, fast and exciting duels on The Track in extraordinary cars or statement making in The Paddock.

Iconic racetracks in the four corners of the globe from Monaco to Texas, from Montreal to Melbourne: passion, engines, beauty and wealth.

 Leading edge sportiness, technological prowess, bold strategy and above all incredible design are the ingredients of something unmistakably unique that inspires millions of people all over the world and is Formula 1.

 FORMULA 1® EYEWEAR appeals to a discerning audience looking for elegant frames that combine sport and fashion with striking design that enhances quality and comfort in a very quick instance tells the F1 story and lifestyle with leading edge technical precision.

Whether in the grandstands, on the track, in the city or in the countryside, these glasses attract admiring glances not only from Formula 1 fans.

The F1® Eyewear line fulfills F1's commitment to the Net-Zero by 2030.  It is committed to reducing carbon emissions and the use of plastic by using an innovative 3D printing system made from castor beans.

In addition to 3D printing, our cellulose acetate (wood fibre and acetic anhydride) frames are reprocessed and reused to eliminate up to 85% of waste during production.

Furthermore, the lenses are made exclusively for us from organic resin and mineral materials, which means they contain less than 3% plastic.

All in packaging made from recycled leather, paper and/or cotton.


 F1 Trackside®: Is for the fans who believe and breathe everything F1 while doing it within their costcap.

 - Comfortable & practical glasses to wear

- There's a style and a colour for everyone

- Polarised lenses

- In your favourite F1 Race, Team or Country's colours

 F1 Red®: A balance between 'streetwear' and 'on track': there is a style for everyone.

 - Comfortable glasses to wear

- There's a style and a colour for everyone

- Sporty and urban

- Unisex

- The sizes have been selected to cover most wearers

F1 Gold®: Luxuriously vintage with a bold, modern style. We use only the finest materials to give you the very best in design, fit and eyewear technology.

 - The Paddock lifestyle  in a product

- Models have recycled carbon fibre details

- Not just for fans, but for lovers of design and technology

- Divel® mineral lenses with less than 2% plastic


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